Programming and Displays

Programming and Displays Policy

Ritter Public Library supports its mission of serving as a community center for the Vermilion area providing free space, information, and entertainment. Programming and displays for all ages are an integral component of library services that:

  • Affirm and make welcome all who visit our library
  • Highlight the Library’s collections, resources, and services
  • Encourage the use of the Library and its resources while enhancing its role as a community resource
  • Promote early literacy, acquisition of skills, and a life-long love of reading and learning
  • Provide opportunities for life-long learning, recreation, and/or entertainment
  • Present information on issues of current interest
  • Foster civic engagement and discussion, cultural awareness, and the principle of intellectual freedom
  • Facilitate the sharing of local talent, knowledge, and expertise
  • Meet popular demand, both existing and anticipated


The Library’s goal in programming and displays is to provide a forum for members of our community to be exposed to a wide variety of ideas and perspectives.
It may not be feasible to represent multiple and/or opposing viewpoints with any one program, series, or display. 
Allowing the use of meeting rooms for a program does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of the content or views expressed by the groups or their policies or beliefs.
If an individual or group finds the content of a program or display objectionable, the Library has established a procedure to address their concerns.
The selection, planning, and implementation of programs and displays falls under the discretion of the Library’s professional staff.  The Library director reserves the final authority to approve or deny programming or displays.


All programs or displays must be open to the public. All reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate all who wish to attend.

  • Attendance will be limited to the room capacity established by the Vermilion Fire Department.
  • When necessary, attendance will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis or by pre-registration.
  • Programs designed for a specific audience may have attendance restrictions or requirements based on age. Programs designed for a general audience have no age restrictions.
  • It is the responsibility of parents or legal guardians, not the Ritter Public Library staff, to guide their own children’s use of the Library and its resources and services.

Expressions of Concern

The Ritter Public Library Director and the Board of Trustees are aware that residents of the service area may take issue with the inclusion of specific programs or displays, and they welcome the expression of concern by residents of the service area. These concerns will be dealt with promptly and courteously in accordance with the following process.

  • The appropriate RPL staff will listen to the concern and notify the Director of the concern if the individual wishes further discussion.
  • The Director will contact the individual and schedule an appointment to discuss the concern.
  • The Director’s decision regarding the concerns will be guided by the framework of policies adopted by the Library Board.
  • After discussion with the Director, the individual seeking further action may complete a “Statement of Concern” form to be considered by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting in open session.
  • At the meeting the individual may present their comments about their concern. The Director may present a response.
  • The Board of Trustees will make a final ruling on the concern and will respond to the individual.

Adopted by the Ritter Public Library Board of Trustees 
July 11, 2023